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Louis (Lou) A. Gannon Jr.

The African Nova Scotian Music Association (ANSMA) is committed to continue the - "Move Forward Successes" as a non profit organization dedicated to the advancement of African Nova Scotian musicians, song writers, spoken word, artists and artisans into the music industry.

Since its establishment, ANSMA has focussed its business operations on making life more convenient and comfortable in the African Nova Scotian music industry. We strive to see the society in which we live from a human perspective, and to create new value through the anticipation of social needs. Our goal is to educate the leaders of tomorrow in a wide range of fields including business and entrepreneurship, and we are deeply committed to an industry that can best be described as "affordable excellence".

ANSMA has acted as a strong voice for our members since 1997. We exist through its members and sponsors and we will continue to provide a voice to our music industry.

As we continue to manage the office out of the Black Cultural Center with association contacts in Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, we will continue to increase our capacity to provide the support required to African Nova Scotian music arts and address the under representation of African Nova Scotians in the music industry.

ANSMA is a member-driven, not for profit organization dedicated to the development, promotion and enhancement of music industry professionals and music goups from the African Nova Scotian community.

ANSMA offers professional development workshops, artist showcases, networking events and resource information to its members and stakeholders. ANSMA is a member of the Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia and continues to work on behalf of African Nova Scotian music professionals to forge strategic links and partnerships in the music industry, both locally and abroad. Its programs and services support Artistic Development, Community Development, and Cultural Sector Stability.

Over the past year, ANSMA hosted 30 events across eight categories: Gospel Concerts, Shows, Concerts, Award Show, Youth Events, Fundraising, Event Management, Gala Dinner and Dance Celebration and Jazz Festival.

I must pay tribute to the Board and staff of ANSMA who have played a pivotal role in brining ANSA to the point where its successes are unstoppable! The leadership and contribution has been exceptional, and I am indebted to them for what has been achieved.

Finally, the contributions of our members in building a strong organization around the globe cannot go unacknowledged. Every member continues to play a vital role as they unselfishly participate in the events and festivals that ANSMA have been commissioned to manage.

Being given the leadership as President is a big challenge and an even bigger honour. All I can do in return is to promise to do my best to make sure that we maintain the cohesion which now clearly exists between the partnerships developed from around the globe, and sustain the momentum which has come from the success of the many recent initiatives.

Louis (Lou) A. Gannon Jr.
August 2010