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African Nova Scotian Music Association (ANSMA)
Is a not for profit organization dedicated to the development, promotion and enhancement of African Nova Scotia Music locally, nationally and internationally.

ANSMA’s Goals and Objectives are:
  • To promote the development of African Nova Scotian musicians in all aspects of their artistry.
  • To develop the African Nova Scotian music community to become a viable industry and economic resource.
  • To identify the needs of African Nova Scotian musicians and facilitate the development of resources to meet those needs (including strategic planning for the African Nova Scotian Music Industry).
  • To facilitate the exchange of information between the African Nova Scotian musicians and the community at large.
  • To provide education/industry related educational activities for the improvement of African Nova Scotian musicians and artists in areas such as recording, promotion and copyrights, etc.
  • To establish music showcases.
  • To establish a music award show profiling African Nova Scotian talent and culture.
  • To provide support to the community.
  • To provide leadership in developing the growth, strength and balance of the community.
  • To be an integrated and cohesive organization.
  • To strive for excellence in human resource management.
  • To be financially viable.

Since its inception May of 1997, ANSMA has attracted more than 50 local musicians and music industry professionals as active Association members.

ANSMA conducted a successful membership drive in May of 1997 for the ECMA which signed up approximately 35 members of African Nova Scotian Community; the largest number to date. The members of ANSMA successfully lobbied and elected the first ever member of the African Nova Scotian community to the ECMA Board in May 1997.

ANSMA is a member of the Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia and is currently working on behalf of African Nova Scotian musicians to forge strategic links and partnerships with other significant music industry organizations.

ANSMA has made an impact on the music industry in the African Nova Scotian community. The association has created opportunities for African Nova Scotian musicians. Workshops, showcases and award shows are just some of the events that have proven ANSMA as an essential ingredient in the success of musicians in the African Nova Scotian Community.