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Anticipation, innovation and creativity have helped ANSMA serve the community over the past six years. If longevity is any indication of success then ANSMA has reason to boast, having just completed 6 years of service to the music community of Nova Scotia. ANSMA has been addressing emerging social trends by introducing Black Vibes, an Annual Awards Show and showcasing its own artists at the 2002 Juno’s in St. John’s, Newfoundland and creating a partnership with ECMA 2003 committee, to present the 1st ever Urban Stage for this event.

Keeping abreast of the latest in program technology, community needs and emerging music trends is important to the success of ANSMA. Equally important is our belief in the people we serve. The values are pain-stakingly incorporated into each and every service we offer. When an individual comes to ANSMA it is our goal that they receive the very best in service and realize positive emotional, physical and spiritual development to assist with their art. ANSMA has been a dominant force in the lives of many young musicians of African decent over the years and it is the enthusiasm and energies of the volunteer board, community and members that will carry this work into the year 2002 and beyond.

In this regard ANSMA is in support of initiatives to better prepare to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. This involves, not only, effectively managing activities. In order to implement new programs and activities, ANSMA must have the financial strength to: attract quality people and acquire necessary technical resources. At the same time, since financial resources will always be limited, it is essential that the organization be skilled - both effective and efficient - in its management of both human and financial resources.

Most organizations identify the need for excellent human resource management. Given ANSMA's philosophical commitment to People of African Descend people and its existence as a voluntary organization, this takes on an added significance. Meaningful, satisfying jobs for both staff and volunteers at all levels; effective training, and development and promotion opportunities are the components necessary to ensure excellence in the ongoing existence of ANSMA in the years to come.

Presently, there exists a strategic gap between where the organization presently is and where we would like to be within the next five years. In order to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, it is necessary to fill this gap now by bringing together certain financial and human resources.


Since its inception in May 1997, ANSMA has attracted more than 80 local musicians and music industry professionals as active association members.

ANSMA conducted a successful membership drive in May of 1997 for the ECMA, which signed up approximately 45 members of the African Nova Scotian community, the largest number to date.

The members of ANSMA successfully lobbied and elected the first ever member of the African Nova Scotian community to the ECMA Board in May 1997.

ANSMA is a member of the Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia and is currently working on behalf of African Nova Scotian musicians to forge strategic links and partnerships with other significant music industry organizations - ECMA, CARAS and UMAC.

As ANSMA continues to move forward with its mandate to develop opportunities for African Nova Scotians in the music industry, we relate to the Roundtable Recommendations brought forth from the “Black Business Initiative Report on Developing the African Nova Scotian Music Community & Industry – June 3, 1998”.