RS Smooth (DJ)

  • 2009 Black Business Initiatives (BBI) Industry Development Award, African Nova Scotian Music Association Award Show (ANSMA)

Catch the finest Hip-Hop, R&B, Ol Skool and even some Reggae music and of course the finest music straight out of Nova Scotia from artists like Trobiz, Papa Grand, Classified, of course the Illville Fam (yours truly, Hellafaktz (formerly D-Roc), Lamar Ashe, Hussles, Shady Bizness, etc), N.E.P., Littles and lots more.

$mooth Groove$ has done interviews in the past with 50 Cent, Kardinal Offishall, Juelz Santana, Dem Franchise Boyz, Redman, Canibus, Musiq, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Jully Black, etc. & have gathered nuff radio ID's from people like Kanye West, John Legend, & Vivica Fox to Lil X, Fat Man Scoop and DJ Jazzy Jeff to name a few.

On $mooth Groove$ we try to play Hip-Hop music, and just good music in general - seeing as Halifax/Nova Scotia doesn't have an Urban Music Station that provides the community with music on the regular. $mooth Groove$ has alwais taken the responsibility to supply those fans of Hip-Hop/Urban/Black music with a high quality program, whether it's the actual music itself or the production value of the show, etc. so that people will take it serious.

RS Smooth was just 14 years old when he started doing music with CKDUm then known as 97.5 FM. He had started volunteering in the summer of 1992, but with school back in \september he couldn't find enough time to balance the two, so he put the radio aspirations on hold.

Im March of 1993 he got an opportunity to co-host a show he had been listening to regularly, "Funk-N-Effect," then hosted by DJ Deelite (Kendal Mulder). It was a Funk, R&B type of show. He brought a bit more Hip-Hop edge to it. I'll never forget the things I learned from doing that show with DJ Deelite from '93 - '97; imagine, a 15, 16 yr. old kid in the clubs every weekend, just jammin! - says RS Smooth. See, I looked older with the facial hair and stuff, that's why didn't nobody say anything to me... I was a lucky guy!

$mooth Groove$ was born June of 1998. Based on some pure and utter stupidity, DJ Deelite and I had lost our "Funk-N-Effect" show by the end of 1998. Through some hard work and plenty of convincing through reference letters and what have you, he worked his way back into CKDU and by June of 1998, $mooth Groove$ was birthed.

RS Smooth states - "it started out as a 1 hour show, but because the DJ after me, DJ Nemesis (Austin Price) moved away, BANG! I got a 2 hour show. Since then it's been lot of crazy "stuff" going on! Personally I loves radio and loves doing the show."

RS Smooth loves music in general, so this is right up his alley. $mooth Groove$ has provided him with a lot of opportunities, in soooooo many different areas, but especially in being involved with the Hip-Hop scene, here in Scotia and Canada in general.

So - give his show a listen sometime. He'd appreciate your comments about what you like or dislike about the show. If you are an upcoming artist, then definitely holla at him - that's his favorite part of the show, playing NEW artists and songs - sometimes months, even years before you hear of them, definitely on a commercial.