Rose "Nadira" Dipchard
Member In Good Standing

     Rose "Nadira" Dipchard   p: (902) 221-5522

  • 2009 Rising Star Award Award, African Nova Scotian Music Association Award Show (ANSMA)

Nadira  - is four feet 11” with a ten foot voice. Nadira’s unique sound is a combination of Elton John, Janis Joplin and Sarah McLaughlin. Her music expresses a passion that is truly captivating with meaningful lyrics capturing everyday life and colourful instrumentation/arrangements. Her musical stylistics fall under the pop-rock and adult contemporary genres. Nadira was born in London, Ontario and has lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the majority of her life.

Nadira learned early on that music and performing was not only an attention grabber but also a very effective and enjoyable way to communicate, share and relax. She was blessed by having music in her home and life as a baby.

Nadira has a very unique sound which is mostly attributed to her amazing vocal ability and stylistics which sets her apart from other female singers. When you hear Nadira’s voice, you recognize it as Nadira.

Today Nadira is not only a prolific song writer (lyrics and music), she is also a piano, guitar and percussion player.  Like many solo artists Nadira has experience playing as a band member. Nadira played for several years with bands as a piano player/back up singer.

Nadira has a passion for writing lyrics and music. She is a very prolific writer with an ever growing catalogue. Nadira uses “everyday life” as her muse and constantly strives to keep her writing fresh and unique. This aspect supports her uniqueness as a song writer and endears her to her listeners. Nadira’s songs are both meaningful to listeners from the music aspect as well as lyrically.

Nadira is an amazing entertainer who utilizes her music, singing, humour, compassion and “quirkiness” to engage audiences of all ages. Her live performances are a delightful feast for both visual and auditory senses.

Nadira recently released her second CD titled “Awakening”. This CD was worked on from 2005-Spring 2007 and captures songs that express various themes around the journey of “self discovery” and “the reality of life”- the highs and the lows.

Nadira’s fiery vocals grab hold of the listener and charge her music with drama and emotion. Nadira will leave you Breathless and wanting more! Cutting guitars and huge rhythms meld with luscious arrangements in groundbreaking music of the heart. Colourful arrangements mix with beautiful melodies in finely crafted songs with masterful pop sensibilities, which are at the same time magical and accessible.Nadira raises the bar and sets a new high water mark for pop-rock and Adult Contemporary music. Listen to Nadira, you will believe!