Nadia Moore
Member In Good Standing
     Nadia Moore   p: (902) 412-1585

Nadia, an international performer previously based in the Philippines, now lends her unique character to the North American scene.  From a career that started at the age of fourteen, Nadia has developed into what she is today.....a well-seasoned professional.

She has performed in a variety of Asian hot spots.  Nadia was lead female vocals for the legendary band "Hotdog" in the Philippines.  Their performances include a United States tour in 2002 as well as a Canadian tour in 2004.

Nadia has appeared on television in many occasions both in North America and Asia.  She also performed back-up vocals with Gary Beals of Canadian Idol fame.  Nadia was female lead singer of "Cool Buzz Jazz Band" while living in Beijing, China from 2005 'till 2008.

Nadia now makes her home in Nova Scotia.  She currently performs as lead female vocalist with Atlantic R&B band "Universal Language".

She was also, the NSCC College Idol (2nd place winner) for two consecutive years: 2008 and 2009.