Luke D. Jefferies
a.k.a. J-1 (Da Runaway Slave)
Category: Hip Hop
     Luke Jefferies
     6 Roseway Court
     Halifax, Nova Scotia
  p: (902) 465-5492
    (902) 434-9909
As rap artist, producer, J-1 (Da Runaway Slave) jumps to the frontlines of the Canadian Hip-Hop Urban music scene you should be ready to have your mind, body and soul penetrated with strong tracks that posses words, thoughts and emotions laid on top of distinctive vibes, potent beats and smooth grooves. These musical entrees are always served with side dishes of “realness”, “consciousness” and then lightly seasoned with “street knowledge” and “ghetto politics”.

J-1 views music as a powerful form of expression and he uses it to not only deal with the emotions and experiences in his own life but to communicate various thoughts and ideas about the state of the world around him. Da Runaway Slave, very skillfully uses rap to discuss many topics including, politics, poverty, discrimination, street life, family life and spirituality. Of course you playa’s, hustlers and tru ballas will not be disappointed either, because J-1 is not afraid to jump to the dark side and drop a hardcore gangsta, money, sex, drug type track because that is real life tool.

J-1 knows where he came from and where he is going. Motivated and inspired by Africa Bemata, he fi rst entered the music game in the “Break-dance” era, 1985 as a DJ known as Cool Breeze. He made mixed rap tapes for local break-dance crews. In 1988 he mixed and scratched his way onto CKDU 97.5 FM. Known on the airwaves as DJ Doc Freesh, he was the fi rst and youngest Black Rap DJ on the radio in Eastern Canada. He still produces mixed CE’s and does the occasional radio shows under the alias of DJ Wonder. J-1 remains a part of East Coast Hip-Hop culture even when he is low profile, you can be guaranteed that he is working on something tight, weather it’s a phat beat, a hot remix or writing verses.

Real underground Hip-Hop heads already recognize and respect J-1 and his Hardtime Productions family but those of you, who have not experienced the flava of J-1, keep looking for us on a shelf or stage near you. J-1 (Da Runaway Slave) says, “This is the time for us to break free from the chains and shackles that limit our musical potential”. This year you will hear voices echoing and bass from the Last Stop of The Underground Railroad (Halifax, NS).