Kaleb Simmonds
     Kaleb Simmonds
     Halifax, Nova Scotia
  p: (902) 435-5042

Kaleb Simmonds, a young and talented musician, singer and human beat boxer (a.k.a vocal percussion, an art that consists of creating rhythm and beat and imitating sounds such as vinyl record scratching, melodies and acoustic sounds.), from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, recently got to broadcast his immense talent to millions of homes throughout Canada when he appeared on the 2nd season of Canadian Idol in the summer of 2004.

This amazingly talented musician unfortunately got booted off on the night of August 12th, 2004, leaving the haters with such joy and leaving his loyal and much supportive fans in awe. But Canadian Idol wasn’t his first introduction to fame; Kaleb Simmonds started singing at the young age of 7 at churches in North Preston, Nova Scotia.

As he grew older, he began performing at shows throughout the community and eventually moved on to clubs. In 2002 and 2003 Kaleb was nominated in the urban categories at the ECMA (East Coast Music Association) and made a live performance at the 2003 show. In 2002, Kaleb opened for platinum selling artist Redman for a concert in Halifax. Kaleb also provided a beat box theme along with Harvey Miller for the CBC’s launched program "Canada Reads."

Thanks to his appearances on Canadian Idol, he introduced Canada to a whole new undiscovered side of Canadian Hip Hop, giving major promotion the many artists in Homiez productions and GoodNightsMusic thanks to his guest performances on a few of the artists tracks.

During his appearances on Canadian Idol, Kaleb had to go through the good and the bad, his audition left the judges in amaze, but in the top 100, during the duets, Kaleb had a downfall, his duet partner Chhaya Dewan from Montreal and him sang “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” but Kaleb forgot his words, Chhaya told judges that she had to “baby sit” him and they didn’t really get to practice much.

But judges found out that Kaleb and she did practice more than she mentioned and she was late for practice before the performance, they let Kaleb go through because of his uniqueness and because of the fact that he never performed with another person before, and that he’s more of a one-man performer. Oh, and what happened to Chhaya? She didn’t get trough. In the top 32 performance, Kaleb sang the Boys 2 Men hit “Water Runs Dry” and the judges loved it, leaving Zack Werner (Canada’s equivalent to Simon Cowell) speechless.

Kaleb make it through once more alongside Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter. Week by week Kaleb performed for the Canadian audience until the night of August 12th, 2004, it was Lionel Ritchie night and Kaleb performed “Truly”, but the audience didn’t feel that performance and Kaleb was sent home. But don’t worry, it was all planned, Kaleb never went in the competition to win, he did it all for publicity.

Since his idol appearances, Kaleb has released a mix tape entitled "The Lesson vol.1" and an album entitled "The life of an 80's baby". And he was part of benefit concerts for the Katrina Tsunami relief.