Jimmy Lee Howard
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  • November of 2002, Recipient of the Music Industry Association Award for Gospel
Born into a very musically talented family in Texas, U.S.A. Jimmy Lee grew up singing and playing the drums in the church and in school. Jimmy began playing in groups in the 1960’s and traveled throughout the southern portion of the U.S. performing in nightclubs. Jimmy became a lead singer and also a soloist.

Jimmy Lee continued traveling and had the opportunity to make a record (a 45 single) in which he sang – “Oh My Way Back Home” and “The Big Let Down”. Unfortunately, at such a young age, he did not pursue this avenue further, nor did he follow the progress of the record, other than Wolf Man Jack played it. Jimmy Lee also had the pleasure of sitting in on “Jam” sessions with Bobby Blue Band, B. B. King, Jackie Wilson, U. S. Bond, and numerous others.

As Jimmy’s career progressed, he joined other groups and was able to be in groups that backed up such notables as Little Johnny Taylor (Disco Lady), Fats Dominos (Blueberry Hill), Bobby Freeman (The Swim) and others. He also would perform with groups that would be opening acts for major stars and did open for the Pointer Sisters and Bob Hope in Las Vegas. Jimmy Lee also had the opportunity to perform at the Bi-Centennial for President Ford.

Jimmy Lee’s style of music took a complete change in 1985. Although he still displays the same talent, he began in that year to sing and to play only Christian Gospel. He became a born again Christian in that year and has remained devoted to Jesus since that time and now sings only for and to “Him”. Jimmy Lee is a non-denominational Christian; therefore he is available to sing at any church and for any denomination. Jimmy played drums ands sang frequently on the Christian Channel 42, in California, for the “Coast to Coast Program”. He was featured as a soloist at the Fortress Christian Center Church and frequently played drums there. He was also a part of their Mass Choir. In fact, Jimmy Lee helped pioneer the Church with Pastor R. Haus.

Jimmy Lee made another big change in his life when he came to live in Newfoundland in June of 2000. He has now made Newfoundland his home and has been busy donating his musical and singing talents to various charitable organizations.