Carl (Sleepy) Thomas
     Carl (Sleepy) Thomas
     Nova Scotia

  • 2006 Music Pioneer Award, African Nova Scotian Music Association Award Show (ANSMA)

Carl (Sleepy) got involved with the local music scene while he was at Dalhousie. A gentleman by the name of Dave Stevenson started a Friday night gig called “Jazz & Suds” at the Green Room of the SUB. Sleepy used to frequent a place called the “Club Unusual” which was run by Bucky Adams and Joe Sealy. He spent many a night there listening to them play jazz and he really got hooked on the stuff. Sleepy spent so much time there listening to them that Bucky finally came up to him and asked: “Who the “h_ _l” are you??”

Sleepy says: “It would be very unfair of me if I did not mention Michel Lindthaler at Privateers’ Warehouse. He was primarily responsible for introducing good music and good dining to Halifax and he treated the local musicians with a respect that up to today is unparalleled”. It was at his club that he had the opportunity of playing with the great B. B. King. Michel also hired the best bands and musicians from across Canada, giving the local musicians a chance to see the best in the country. Soon after that, clubs like Pepe’s on Spring Garden Road started doing the same thing.
It is easier for Sleepy to remember the musicians with whom he did not get the opportunity to perform than vice versa!! Having been involved with the local jazz scene for numerous years, he had the opportunity to meet and play with just about all of the jazz musicians around since this is a fairly tightly knitted musical community.

Over the past thirty (30) years, Sleepy had the pleasure of performing with:
  • Joe Sealy
  • Bucky Adams
  • Warren Chaisson
  • John Sands
  • Denny Doherty
  • Frank McKay
  • Sam Moon
  • Matt Minglewood
  • Lenny Gallant
  • B.B. King
  • Afro Musica
  • Mike Cowie
  • Linda Carvery
  • Doug Mallory
  • Valdy
  • Joe Murphy
  • Brian Murphy
  • Skip Beckwith
  • Brian Tansley
  • Tim Cohoon
  • Georges Hebert
  • Gerry Carruthers
  • Al Resk
Not only did Sleepy perform with the above, he also appeared on:
  • CBC radio shows
  • CBC television shows
His talents also extended further by:
  • putting together many Caribbean style bands
  • a founder of the Atlantic Jazz Festival
  • appeared on Sesame Street
  • played on a regular basis at the Middle Deck, Privateers Warehouse
  • played at several clubs across the Atlantic Provinces