Bruce "Zuke" Burton  
     Bruce Burton
     Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  p: (902) 433-0400

  • 2008 Black Business Initiatives (BBI) Industry Development Award, African Nova Scotian Music Association Award Show (ANSMA)

Partner / Chief Engineer Gatekeeper productions was educated at the Springfield Conservatory of Music, (voice, piano, and trumpet) and Berklee College of Music (bass, audio production and engineering, electronic music synthesis).

Upon completion of his studies, he became a fixture on the east coast and Canadian show circuit as a member of acts such as: The Fabulous Lords, The High Rollers, Lotsa Popa, and Sharazod just to name a few. His work with those groups led to his work as a bass player with blues/folk icons such as Joe Tex and Taj Mahal.

A partnership with longtime fried Aaron Williams led to creation of the trio Vu-Ja-De/ featuring himself and Aaron as principle songwriters and producers. His work with this trio and other East Coast acts (PRS-7), (Teddy Bear Records), First With Class (Starlit Productions) led to collaborative efforts with some the heavy weights of the industry - Maurice Starr (New Kids on the Black, New Edition...) And Kashif (BT Express, Evelyn “Champagne” King...), engineers Phil Green and Tom Soares (Normandy
Sound), Sidney burton (House of Hits, Mission Control).

His work has included a role as producer on Cherrybrook Native Jamie Sparks, ECMA nominated Debut Ep entitled Git-With-Cha with Roger Grant and Wade Ross for Pyramid Entertainment. Other work as bassist and keyboard player for: Universal Language, The Nova Scotia Mass Choir, B-Sharp, mastering engineer for ANSMA and ECMA award winner Ditch Robinson, producer Nadira, producer for the soon to be released Ep by ANSMA award winners Asia & NuGruv and mix engineer for the upcoming album by Dutch Robinson.