Brayon & Donald Riley
AKA B&D Productions
Members In Good Standing

Donald and Brayon are brothers who hail from Lake Loon (a small community in Dartmouth.) They discovered that the sum of their two voices was definitely greater than individual parts. Thus the dynamic duo began to take shape. They both possess great passion for music and have been gifted with the ability to perform. The pair considers themselves artists in the true sense; being disc jockeys, singers, song writers and composers.

With their unique skills, vocals, and high energy, combined with their glowing personalities, they have seduced crowds by giving them non-stop entertainment. They have performed all over Canada, with the likes of pop-star Rihanna, Hip Hop Artist Belly, R&B sensation Jamie Sparks and Elise Estrada, just to mention a few.

In 1993, they decided to transform their talents into a Live Entertainment Company better known as B&D Productions. They have made the decision to spend time in the studio working on their album. This is one step closer to their place in the entertainment world. These two brothers are determined to show the world what they truly have to offer and what they have been missing.